Rêve Parisien

Rhys Chatham

RÊVE PARISIEN features four new Rhys Chatham compositions that were performed live at Kassay’s exhibition at Art: Concept in Paris in 2010, and loosely functions as an audio catalogue to the exhibition.

RÊVE PARISIEN contains compositions that were both performed live and used as a soundtrack through Kassay’s exhibition. These compositions mark a change in direction for Chatham, who has abandoned the trumpet style he developed in the nineties for a non-distorted, less effects-driven sound that compliments his minimalist compositions and his free jazz training. The LP is packaged in a stunning gatefold with an arced die-cut cover, which was designed by Jacob Kassay in collaboration with Frank Napolski.

Vinyl LP
12.25 x 12.25 inches
37:30 minutes
September 2011

Managing Editor: James Hoff
Designer: Jacob Kassay


A clip of Rhys Chatham’s Un chanson si vieille by PrimaryInformation

A clip of Rhys Chatham’s Impromptu 1 by PrimaryInformation