Solo Voice I – X

C. Spencer Yeh

Solo Voice I – X is the first LP by C. Spencer Yeh devoted entirely to the voice. Eschewing effects and processing, the works rely upon the raw and intimate properties of Yeh’s voice, with otherwise inaudible sonic details and textures magnified through the subtle use of a microphone and amplification. By editing out his breaths from the recordings, Yeh lets his vocalizations run together in palpitating continua, folding the temporality of performance in on itself. The first side of the LP consists of five short studies, each focused on a singular sound or vocal technique. On the second side, Yeh combines these sounds and approaches across five compositions, expanding upon the sonic palette of the first half while deviating from its formal rigor.

C. Spencer Yeh is an artist and composer recognized for his interdisciplinary activities between music and video. Yeh is well known for his musical work under the name Burning Star Core and his work has been included in the Whitney Biennial 2014 (in collaboration with Triple Canopy), Greater New York 2015, and the Liverpool Biennial in 2014.

Vinyl LP
12.25 x 12.25 inches
38:15 minutes
April 2015

Managing Editor: James Hoff
Designer: Miriam Katzeff