July, August, September 1969

Seth Siegelaub


July, August, September 1969 was an exhibition organized by Seth Siegelaub consisting of works by eleven artists at eleven separate geographical locations. The trilingual catalogue—in English, French, and German—both documented and reproduced the diverse works, which ranged from fleeting events and performances to museum shows and open-ended environmental interventions. In each case, the respective artist was responsible for providing information on the work’s materials and design.

The participating artists were Carl Andre (The Hague), Robert Barry (Baltimore), Daniel Buren (Paris), Jan Dibbets (Amsterdam), Douglas Huebler (Los Angeles), Joseph Kosuth (New Mexico), Sol LeWitt (Düsseldorf), Richard Long (Bristol, UK), N.E. Thing Co. Ltd. (Vancouver), Robert Smithson (Yucatan), and Lawrence Weiner (Niagara Falls).

Seth Siegelaub (b. 1941 – 2013) was an American curator, art dealer, and author. Through his gallery, Seth Siegelaub Contemporary Art, and his later curatorial practice, Siegelaub introduced the art world to both a wide array of innovative conceptual artists as well as to radically new ways of exhibiting and distributing art. In 1971, Siegelaub (along with Robert Projansky) authored “The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement,” which was translated into German, French, and Italian. Following his early work in the arts, Siegelaub went on to work as a political researcher and a collector and bibliographer of textiles.

8.25 x 10.9 inches
36 pages
1969 / 2012