Note(s): Work(ing) Process(es) Re: Concerns (That Take On / Deal With)

Dara Birnbaum

Originally created in 1977 as a single handmade copy, Note(s): Work(ing) Process(es) Re: Concerns (That Take On / Deal With) gathers sketches, writings, diagrams, contact sheets, and proposals for eight early video works. The publication was originally produced by the artist and exhibited in “Notebooks, Workbooks, Scripts, Scores” at Franklin Furnace in 1977. The book’s vinyl cover and section dividers, hand-folded pages, color images, and red and black typewriter ink have all been reproduced and Alex Kitnick provides a new introduction.

Featured works include Back Piece (1975), Attack Piece (1975), Mirroring (1975), Liberty: A Dozen or So Views (1976), Relationship Perspectives: Perspective Relationships (1976–77), America: Land of Contrasts (A Day of Awakening) (A Shot in the Dark) (1976–77), Pivot: Turning Around Suppositions (1976), and Lesson Plans to Keep the Revolution Alive (1977).

8.5 x 11 inches
Edition of 2000
July 2021
ISBN: 9781734489774

Managing Editor: James Hoff
Managing Designer: Rick Myers