Cannibal is the trio of artists/musicians Cary Loren, Cameron Jamie and Dennis Tyfus. Culled from a recording made live in Antwerp, each of the fifteen songs/episodes on this—their first—record is a protracted pulse of the band’s energy and radical point of entry to a teeming flux of erratic electronics, deranged/incantatory narration, harmonica, jaw harp, dollar bin records, found poetry, vocal sound techniques, etc. A uniquely disorienting tour de force of the lower forms of music and a hallucinatory mind trip, guided by a deft feel for derailment.

The recordings were made by Dennis Tyfus at the Ultra Eczema studio in Antwerp, 2010 and mastered by Warn Defever and Cary Loren in Detroit, 2013. The release is a limited edition vinyl LP with front and back cover silkscreen artwork by Cameron Jamie. Cannibal’s manager is John Sinclair.

Vinyl LP
12.25 x 12.25 inches
39 minutes
April 2014

Managing Editor: James Hoff