2022 Subscription (not active on site)


Primary Information’s 2022 subscription includes all titles published during the calendar year.**

Subscriptions provide a great opportunity to stay current with Primary Information’s publications and support the organization and the artists we work with. Our 2022 subscription* currently includes:

  • DeForrest Brown, Jr.’s Assembling a Black Counter Culture
  • A new collection of the complete run of Anne Turyn’s Top Stories magazine
  • Mary Heilmann’s The All Night Movie
  • William Wegman’s Writing by Artist
  • A new collection of the complete run of Rasheed Araeen and Mahmood Jamal’s Black Phoenix periodical
  • Constance DeJong’s Reader
  • Steffani Jemison’s A Rock, A River, A Street
  • A Something Else Press Reader
  • A new artist book by Cory Arcangel and Stine Janvin
  • A new artist book by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Please note that sometimes, due to circumstances outside of our control, a title’s release gets delayed beyond the calendar year. If this happens to any of the above titles, they will be included in the 2023 subscription.

*International subscriptions are available here to non-U.S. residents at the discounted price of $200 through December 31, 2021.
**This subscription includes trade titles only and does not include limited fundraising editions.

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