2021 Subscription



Subscriptions provide a great opportunity to stay current with Primary Information’s publications and support the organization and the artists we work with. Our 2021 subscription* includes:

  • Black Art Notes
  • Norman H. Pritchard’s The Matrix: Poems 1960 – 1970
  • Renée Green’s Camino Road
  • Michael Asher’s Writings 1973–1983 on Works 1969–1979
  • Dara Birnbaum’s Note(s): Work(ing) Process(es) Re: Concerns (That Take on / Deal With)
  • Flora Yin-Wong’s Liturgy
  • Dan Graham’s Theatre
  • Godzilla Asian American Arts Network 1990-2001

Please note, A Documentary HerStory of Women Artists in Revolution is now sold-out and is no longer included in the 2021 subscription.


*International subscriptions are available to non-U.S. residents for $225 here.