Editor’s Note:

The Great Bear Pamphlet series was compiled and re-printed in 2007. True to the originals, each pamphlet has been printed on varying colors and stocks of paper. Care was taken to match the originals; however, this task proved more difficult than one might think. In the case that an exact match could not be made, the closest match was substituted.

It is important to note that the originals also had varying color and paper stock for particular pamphlets, depending on the first or second printing (and on rare occasions within the same printing). For example, Claes Oldenburg’s Injun & Other Histories was printed on two different shades of peach, one lighter than the other. This facsimile edition was compiled from the copies that we had available to us at the time of the printing and there was no conscious effort made to only print from first or second editions.

This is a facsimile edition, meaning that no changes were made to the original content of the journals. The estate of Öyvind Fahlström requested that we amend the artist’s work in the Manifestos issue to reflect the changes the artist made of the work in 1975. This was of course, not possible given the scope of the project. At the estate’s request we are including Fahlström’s hand-altered, revised manifesto here: Take Care of the World (Revised).

For the purpose of this edition, all pamphlets were printed in an edition of 500, with 200 reserved for the boxed edition and 300 for individual sale.

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